"The tournament day is of course the climax of all the work, but the preparation itself is more valuable for teams and coaches because lots of important learning processes take place and social skills develop."

Andrea Krucinski, teacher Bernard Overberg Schule Recklinghausen (D)

Welcome to HANDS on TECHNOLOGY e.V.

The society is concerned with the question: "Where are the engineers of tommorrow?" But there are lots of people "are rolling up there sleeves" and tackle the problem. We would like to contribute our share and introduce children and youngsters explicitly to science and technology. According to that vison we are organising two different programmes for distinct target groups at the moment:

:: FLL - FIRST® LEGO® League Central Europe: robotics competition for kids between 10 and 16 years
:: FTC - FIRST® Tech Challenge: robotics competition for kids between 16 and 20 years